The Goodman Duffy Collection Online
Maybe you've heard of some of these artists:

Umberto Mastroianni
Paul Klee
Aristide Maillol
Joseph Raffael
Leon Golub
Fletcher Benton
Robert Arneson
Leopold Survage
William T. Wiley
Ed Ruscha

It’s an eclectic line-up of big names, spanning various mediums, unified by the fact that they’ve all been part of the Goodman Duffy Collection.

It's the collector's responsibility to discover works that belong in conversation, and bind them together. The reward comes with the chance to acquire, enjoy, live with, and have conversation with and about the work. Then after you've lived past the noise, attention, and often monumental splendor you recall from the moment you acquired the work, comes the parting; THE DONATION; because you’re more than an accumulator.

You see, collecting also has an afterlife; one of like feelings and sensations, conversation and critique, appreciation gathered by the audience of society. This manifests through artist retrospectives, gallery shows, or museum acquisitions through irrevocable gifts (THE DONATION).

For nearly sixty years, Goodman (b:1922-d:2008) and Duffy's love, generosity and good taste have culminated in one of America's most dynamic private, modern and contemporary art collections. The above names are but a few whose works have been donated to National Museums in America from the Goodman Duffy Collection.

We invite everyone to take an interest in this vibrant collection. To browse a small selection of current works, visit the GALLERY link above. For information about the artists in the collection, visit the LINKS page above.

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